If anyone ever said to me that I could have a free holiday, my answer would be that I would like to travel Europe. I have never been in my life, but I have seen so much of it on the television, and read a lot about it. At the grand old age of sixty-one, I have seen much of America, as well as Australia, where I have family. It would be nice to visit such places as the Republic of Ireland and Wales, as I believe these two countries have a lot of ancient castles. I love the mystique of such places.

In fact, the whole of Europe is rich in history dating back thousands of years. One place that is on my bucket list is Stonehenge in the UK. Now that is a place that goes back in time a long way. Of course, I would also visit the usual tourist attractions if I went to that country. Buckingham Palace is a must see, although I doubt I would be lucky enough to see the Queen of England. I would also go to see the Houses of Parliament. Other countries include France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal.