More and more people from around the world are now visiting Europe. Having lived in the US all of my life, I have made quite a few visits to European capitals. Unlike Arizona where I live, Europe can get very cold during the winter months. Even though there can be some frosty mornings here in Phoenix, it has usually warmed up nicely by the time I go outside.

Whether visiting London, Paris or Berlin, the weather between September and April can be quite volatile. This means that it may be warm enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts one day, and then a few days later it can be freezing cold. It is this kind of problem that plagues visitors who travel to Europe in the winter months.

The way around this is to pack clothes for both warm and cold weather, rather than just taking items for one type. Before leaving, check the internet for the location of clothes stores that sell cheap clothing. This then allows more to be purchased after arrival, and as it is cheap, it will add little to the budget. European winter travel can be so much cheaper than going in the summer.